Welcome into the big Bergkristall family

Our goal: delighted guests who leave the Bergkristall after their holiday feeling thoroughly relaxed and with smiles on their faces.

The people that surround us are the heart of the Bergkristall: You, the lovely guests, and our passionate team. Our team, that gives their all day in day out, to ensure that our guests are happy and feel valued. We want to inspire you and make you happy. See for yourself in our staff videos.

A second home - for guests and employees

Many of our employees have completed their training here with us and have remained or returned to us. Working at the Bergkristall means solidarity and being part of a functional team. Everyone knows everyone, enjoys coming to work, can be themselves and is accepted as they are. It means having a second home in a divine location. And we want you, dear guests, to feel this too.

Here are a selection of the hard-working employees that look after you during your stay at the Bergkristall:


Pius Miola

Assistant Manager
Regulars know him well and value him highly. The returnee, who after eight years at the Bergkristall took a four year break, now supports Hans-Jörg and Sabine Lingg. He is practically family. He knows every corner, every nook and all areas of the Bergkristall.


Markus Schlippe

Head of Reception
Markus came to us in 2011 and now manages the reception. He will guide you from your first enquiry until your departure and take care of all your concerns and wishes. The reception team is available for you daily, under his leadership.


Stefanie Fink

New in the Bergkristall team since summer 2013. As a local she has good knowledge of the area and is happy to pass on useful tips. She deals with phone reservations and supports manager Sabine Lingg in marketing.



Tobias Reuthebuch

Service Team Manager
Our faithful soul. Completed his hotel manager training with us from 2000 to 2003, then took a three year Bergkristall break, where he worked all over the world. Tobias has been our attentive restaurant manager since 2009, where he keeps track of everything and leads you into the world of wine as well.


Janet Ordonez de Polo

Housekeeping: includes the work that goes unnoticed, guaranteeing the beauty and cleanliness of the whole hotel. Janet, our hard-working housekeeper from Peru, makes sure that the rooms are always nice and lovingly prepared. With her open manner she ensures a cheerful mood.

Igor Yakushchenko

Our Bergkristall kitchen team has been pampering the guests under the direction of a new head chef since 2015. He embraces experimentation, loves to play with different aromas and surprises us again and again with his new creations.

Susanne Baldermann

Kristall Spa

An Allgäu resident who gets inspired by nature and conversations with interesting people. She has been the director of our spa since 2015. She coordinates the appointments and ensures - together with the whole wellness team - that you feel good, relax and have a great stay.

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