Montignac Nutrition Method : "Feast and lose weight at the same time"

The Bergkristall: Montignac meets the Allgäu – delicious food, weight loss and a health regime

Red wine, chocolate, poultry, salmon, cheese, fruit, vegetables – you don't have to do without any of these things with Montignac. You can feast, not count calories and still lose weight at the same time

Leckere Gerichte der Montignac Vitalpension

The method based on the principles of Michel Montignac is not a diet, but a dietary change. It is based on the glycaemic index (GI). In short: the lower the index the better.

Through the balanced nutrition method you achieve lasting well-being, prevent obesity and even diabetes type II and bring your digestive system into balance. Book the Montignac method and experience a healthy and enjoyable holiday with the motto: "Feast and lose weight at the same time".


Montignac Vitalpension in Oberstaufen im Allgäu

Montignac at the Bergkristall

Start your day with a healthy breakfast buffet (Montignac products are labelled). Enjoy a light dish from our wellness buffet at lunch time. For the 4 course menu at dinner time, you choose between fresh fish, tender meat from local farms or a vegetarian dish. At the weekly fireside talks, the boss himself will tell you how you can continue the nutrition methods at home.

You won't just experience a healthy holiday. You can change your diet long-term. After doing the Schroth method – a holistic natural therapy by Johann Schroth – the Montignac method is suitable, to stabilise your newfound well-being and vitality in the long-term.







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