Health experts and well-being coaches

Holistic naturopathy, coaching for conscious living, deep tissue massage and fitness for the body and soul

During your holiday at the Bergkristall you will be well looked after. Dr. Neuy from the Centre for Naturopathic Medicine in Oberstaufen is there for you every Monday and Thursday. She also supports "our Schroth teacher" during the entire treatment period. If you are interested in holistic bodywork, physiotherapy or integral psychology, make an appointment to see Nina or Frank Henschel from the Henschel practice at the hotel. And all guests who enjoy fitness and light exercise will have our fitness coach Sepp Herz on hand.

Dr. Susanne Neuy – Holistic Naturopathic Medicine

Where classical medication reaches its limits, Dr. Neuy tries to better understand disease through a holistic approach, according to the newest scientific findings. The focus of the Schroth expert ranges from acid-base regulation and neural therapy according to Huneke (pain and regulation therapy, interference field treatment) and chiropractic through to the determination of functional state of the autonomic nervous system by means of HRV measurement (precise method for assessing a person's state of health).

Henschel Practice at the Bergkristall – life coaching and deep tissue massage

Live Coaching in our health practice

The basis of every treatment at the Practice for Physiotherapy and Holistic Bodywork is the unity of body, mind and soul: balance of health in its natural order. Nina Henschel, psychotherapy naturopath, craniosacral expert and dance therapist specialises in psychological integration. During the consultation sessions she can show you how to live a more conscious, liberated life.

Frank Henschel, physiotherapist and orthopaedist (non surgical) brings you into balance with holistic bodywork, for better quality of life and better health.

The Bergkristall fitness coach: Sepp Herz

Nordic walking, back and spine exercises, aqua aerobics, gymnastics using therabands. Fitness coach Sepp Herz invites you to do light fitness and exercise daily – both indoors as well as the great outdoors. His motto: "Fit in the morning – fit throughout the day". The focus is always on your well-being. Passionate mountaineers can head to the Nagelfluh nature park to explore the Allgäu region and get closer to nature. Stay healthy and energetic – keep moving.

Wellness and enjoyment for you well-being

The wellness team of our 4-stars hotel in Bavaria

In addition to the services of our health experts, there are many more ways to enhance your health and well-being at the hotel. Do a yoga lesson, meditation or kinesitherapy and leave everyday life behind. Be pampered by our spa team, led by Stephanie Schneider, with a body wrap, massage or Ayurveda treatment. Enjoy the fresh, regional food from the Bergkristall kitchen during your stay, which will also contribute significantly to your health.

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