Schrothkur in Oberstaufen – detoxify effectively and recharge your batteries

The 4 pillars of Schrothkur

The original Schrothkur in Oberstaufen gives your body a whole new feeling.

Dr. Hermann Brosig brought Schrothkur to Oberstaufen after Johann Schroth developed and tested the natural therapy in a self experiment almost 200 years ago. Since then Schrothkur has been based in the Allgäu. The original Oberstaufen Schrothkur is a holistic natural therapy. It is not only used effectively for pain or health problems, but rather the therapy is aimed at all organisms in the body. Therefore Schrothkur in Oberstaufen is also suitable for various ailments, like high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines and burnout, as well as during menopause or as a fasting method.

recharging batteries with the original Schrothkur

Rebalance your whole body

If the body's harmony is out of balance it can be restored by a Schrothkur, in accordance with body, mind and soul. The Schrothkur in Oberstaufen is based on four basic principles, the so-called 4 pillars: daily body wraps, the rhythmic alternation between drink and dry days, the Schroth diet and the balanced switch between calm and exercise. Try out the Schrothkur once in Oberstaufen and you will be amazed at the results.

Schrothkur in Oberstaufen im Allgäu

Schrothkur in Oberstaufen – the Bergkristall is your wellness oasis

Enjoy comfort, exclusivity and personal service in the pleasant atmosphere of our family run 4-star superior hotel. It has everything you need to completely concentrate on your health and well being. Indulge your body and soul in our 1500m² Kristall Spa with special treatments and massages, as well as yoga classes, to support the positive effects of Schrothkur. It will take place under the medical supervision of Dr. Susanne Neuy, who carries out the initial, control and final examinations. Oberstaufen is the only recognised Schroth spa in Germany, so you can be sure that you are doing the original Schrothkur in Oberstaufen.

Schroth trial week, Schroth classic, intensive or full moon Schroth?

At the Bergkristall you have the choice of four health packages for your Schrothkur in Oberstaufen. The health effects depend on the duration of your treatment. After a week you will notice a clear relief of the cardiovascular system and the digestive system, after the second week changes to organisms and the autonomic nervous system will occur and in the third week the results will stabilize and you will feel fit and energetic.

Schroth activates your self-healing powers

Whichever package you choose, the following inclusive services are included: morning tea before the Schroth body wrap, vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner, tea and spring water until 5 p.m. from the wellness buffet and food at the end of the day. Your Schrothkur in Oberstaufen also includes a diverse daily exercise and relaxation programme and hiking at your leisure in the beautiful nature of the Allgäu, golf, aqua aerobics, yoga, winter sports, the use of our wellness facilities and of course all other Bergkristall inclusive services. Read the enthusiastic opinions of guests on their Schrothkur experience in Oberstaufen.

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