The 4 pillars of Schrothkur – the fountain of youth for body, mind and soul at your Schrothkur hotel

Recharge your batteries at the Bergkristall – Nature and Spa

The original Oberstaufen Schrothkur, the holistic natural therapy from Johann Schroth, is based on four basic principles, the so-called 4 pillars: the Schroth body wrap, Schroth diet, Schroth drinking regulation and balanced alternation between calm and exercise. The therapy can only be successful if you follow all of the basic principles. Sweating in the sauna does not replace a body wrap, do without dry days and the body cannot activate its self-healing powers. And the Schrothkur is in no way a diet. You will certainly lose some excess pounds but that is not the primary goal. As a Schrothkur hotel we are keen to ensure that you comply with all four basic principles, but that you also have fun with it. Mr Lingg gives a Schrothkur briefing in the fireplace room at 7 p.m. on Sundays.

Cleanse your body from the inside

The aim of the Schrothkur is the holistic regeneration and detoxification of the body. Waste products and toxins are removed from the body, organisms can concentrate on their natural functions again and you will be thrilled with how your new body feels. You can trust us and our years of experience as a Schrothkur hotel.

The Schroth body wraps – sweat for your well-being

You will be woken every day in the early hours of the morning with a cup of hot herbal tea. As usual in a Schroth hotel, you will then be wrapped in a cold, damp linen cloth, by trained "wrappers", body wrap specialists. You are then covered with dry, warm towels, so that a pleasant warmth can spread over you. Your body temperature rises, mobilising the body's defenses. The wrap has a calming, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxing and balancing effect on your inner organs.

The Schroth Diet – relieve your gastro-intestinal tract

As a Schrothkur hotel with years of experience we know exactly what is important nutritionally during the Schrothkur. You will receive vegetarian, low-protein, salt-free and calorie-reduced food, that is as gentle as possible on your digestive system. Vegetables are only boiled or steamed, and fruit only in the form of compotes. Head chef of our Schrothkur-Hotel Bergkristall – Nature and Spa Harald Weidinger, who also cooks at the Bergstüble, will always come up with something new to ensure you enjoy your meals during your Schrothkur.

The Schroth drinking regulations, relaxation and exercise – Active days, Wellness & Spa

During the treatment at our Schrothkur hotel, give your self-healing powers a further boost through the Schroth drinking regulations, the third pillar of the Schrothkur. On dry days you have slightly thicker blood and a slight suction occurs in the interstitial tissue. During drinking days toxins are removed from your body. As well as water, tea and fruit juice you may also drink dry "Kurwein", which also has a positive effect on your whole body. The fourth pillar of Schrothkur, a balanced alternation between relaxation and exercise, goes hand in hand with the drinking regulation. During dry days relax in our Kristall spa or do yoga. On drinking days, when you feel fitter, go hiking, play golf, do winter sports or explore one of the many excursion destinations in the region. During your treatment you will stay with us at the only Schrothkur hotel in Oberstaufen and the Holidaycheck Tophotel 2014. Enjoy your Schrothkur at the Bergkristall – Nature and Spa.

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