Good, healthy sleep – the prerequisite for an active life

Close the door and listen to the silence. The mountains – so close - stand guard silently and powerfully as you drift off into a soothing sleep.

As the still of the night sends you gently into a deep sleep, breathe in the scent of nature, while you reflect peacefully on your day. To make your precious sleep even more pleasant, you will find a few little extras in your room.

SAMINA Power Sleeping – recharge your batteries

Selected rooms in our hotel are fitted out with the SAMINA sleep system. The system consists of a free-swinging slat frame (made of ash wood), which ensures optimal regeneration of the back and spine. The pillows and covers are made from high quality, natural sheep's wool, which ensures a dry and warm climate. You are also well-protected from electromagnetic radiation by the special Lokosana® earthing overlay .


Healthy sleep is important, to keep you fit and full of energy throughout the day. Use it and start every day feeling well rested and in a good mood.

restful nights guaranteed - in our comfortable beds

Little gifts for a restful night

As everyone has their own individual sleep preferences, you can choose your favourite pillow here. Simply ask the housekeeper or enquire at the reception desk about our "pillow bar".

You will find a Swiss pine cushion in your room. Pine wood has a positive effect on sleep regulation and circulation and the soothing ingredients slow down your heart rate during sleep, thereby contributing to a better night's rest. Take advantage of the revitalising power of nature.

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